The RFA Team Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Looking for some Christmas Gift Inspiration? Take a look at what our staff are buying their loved ones this holidays.


Tayla and her husband spend a lot of time at the beach and they love this cabana and cooler bag as a joint gift idea. 


Laura found this beautiful MoodMist Diffuser at Dusk for her Mother’s Christmas present.  


How beautiful are these Balinese Garden Bamboo Plates Sharon is buying her family this year? 


Megan’s husband really wanted one of these Neptune Blanket acupressure mats for Christmas.  Although they may look and feel like a torture device, they are amazing for easing aches and pains in the body.

Picnic Blanket

Debbie is really hoping that somebody in her family will pick out one of these beautiful Eleanor Rigby picnic blankets for her Christmas stocking.

Massage Gun(1)

After a busy year in the office, Michael has picked out a massage gun for his Christmas stocking this year.    


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