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Rowland Events

At Rowland Financial we are passionate about educating and engaging our community with financial knowledge. If you have a genuine desire to learn more, you will find our events beneficial.

Current Event

Annual Client Night – 7th April 2022

Its that time of the year again and we invite you to our Annual Client Night.  Our schedule of speakers will leave you well informed across a variety of topics as we continue to work towards building and sharing knowledge.

Michael Rowland – Business Update
Adviser & Business Principal

With the budget soon to be delivered, join Michael as he breaks down the relevant topics and outlines opportunities that may be available.
Michael will also provide a brief update on the business as we get ready for our next phase of growth and service into the future.

Michael Rowland – Aged Care: Myths & Facts

The aged care system is complex. To sort fact from fiction, Michael will provide an overview of the aged care services available, the real costs, payment options and some strategies to cover costs and achieve the most beneficial outcome for all involved.

Trent Wakerly – Tips & Taps in Estate Planning
Director, Kruger Law

When done well, an estate plan can provide clarity and confidence. But when done without a thorough understanding of what you are trying to achieve, it can have many unintended consequences. Join Trent as he explores the ins and outs of understanding estate planning and provides some practical tips to take on board to ensure your estate plan communicates exactly what you want it to.

Anthony Aboud – What we look for when investing your money
Portfolio Manager, Perpetual Asset Management Australia

Anthony is responsible for managing the iconic Industrial Share Fund (among others) and manages approx. $2.5Billion on behalf of clients invested with Perpetual. He will discuss how Perpetual’s process has grown client’s money for over 50 years. He will also detail where he is finding value in the current market and what stocks he’s avoiding, as well as illustrate the depth of company detail the Perpetual Australian Equities team investigate before investing money into a share, with some real examples of shares held currently.

We look forward to seeing you.